Guideline on how to buy items from sellers on a different province using courier service

Posted on 21 July 2020, by Thabang Serumula

Sometimes you may need to buy your textbooks and other items from students who are in a different province or very far from you. This can happen if you cannot meet the seller directly on campus for a number of reasons such as lockdown restrictions, or taking part in distance-learning. So if you find yourself wanting to buy items on this platform using a courier service, then read on! This article will explain to you how you can do this safely and arrange for delivery to your address.

For this task you can make use of the secure-payment feature on the platform. This allows you to buy items by paying directly to Campus Trade. We will release your funds and pay the seller once you have received your items. The main advantage with this is that you can rest assured knowing your money is protected when you buy books and other items from students who are far away from you. Additionally, you can also use this service when you are going to meet the seller in person. A detailed step-by-step guide is given below.

Step 1 : Send Request You first need to browse to the item you would like to purchase and click on "Buy Request" as shown in the following screenshot.
Step 1 of 3, Sending a buy request on Campus Trade
Then read the instructions and click on "lets start" to proceed. The next screen will ask for confirmation, If you are staying far away from the seller, make sure the collection method is set to "Courier service" as shown in the picture below.
Step 1 of 3, Sending a buy request on Campus Trade
Click "Send Request" to proceed. The seller will receive a notification of your request. Now the next step is to fill-in your contact details so that we can send you an SMS when there are updates to your request. Your number will be used solely for this purpose and kept confidential. You can check our Privacy Policy for more details.
Step 1 of 3, Filling in your contact details.
Fill in your contact details and click "Update contacts" to proceed. Or click "continue" if the details are already correct.

Step 2 : Payment At this stage the status of your request will be pending and the following will be displayed on your screen
Step 1 of 3, Pending request
After the seller has accepted your request the information will be updated as shown below
Step 2 of 3, Accepted request
You can negotiate the price with the seller and after everything is settled then you can continue to make payment. Take note that the price you see on your screen should be the price you pay, nothing else. If the item you want to purchase does not include shipping costs, then contact the seller so that they can update the price for you accordingly.
After you click on "Make payment" the following screen will be presented
Step 2 of 3, Making purchase
Fill-in the required details and click the button at the bottom of the screen to proceed. An invoice will be generated with the payment-details of Campus Trade. We will introduce more payment-methods in the near future :).

Step 3 : Collecting your item After we have received your payment, the status of your request will show the following information.
Step 2 of 3, Payment received screen
Please check your Emails for more detailed information on how to proceed at this stage. If you are going to meet the seller in person then you need to present them with the clearance-code that we have sent you. If the item is going to be shipped to your address then the seller needs to provide you with a tracking number. A clearance-code will also be required, so make sure you follow the instructions sent to you on your email address.

We will be available to provide you with assistance at any stage of the process and you should feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries or need help.

Courier companies

Before we sign-off this article, here is a list of some courier companies in South Africa that you can use.

There are many others that you can go and look-up but the ones listed above are generally more reliable and have nation-wide coverage. You can check their website for pricing information and any details you may need.

There is no reason to succumb to hefty prices of textbooks and other essential items because we are in lockdown or you cannot go to a certain campus. This platform was built to alleviate those costs and to make education more affordable. So i hope this article was helpful in answering some of your questions. but once again, if you need more information about the contents in this article or about this platform in general then you are more than welcome to contact us using the information given on this page.

Thanks for reading, have a good one!