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The easiest way to buy or sell books and stationery on campus

What is Campus Trade? This is an online platform that allows you to buy or sell textbooks and other items with students in your college/university. The platform is free to use and sellers are connected directly with the buyers.

Why should i use it? Textbooks are way cheaper when you buy them through Campus Trade. On average, you can save up to 65% on books by using the platform. If you are a seller, you get cash for your old items. There is no need to keep a huge pile of old books if you are not going to use them anymore. By selling, you contribute in helping thousands of students who cannot afford to buy new textbooks and stationery.

Is it safe? All transactions and exchanges happen within your own campus of study. So you can exchange resources with other students in a secure environment.

How do i buy or sell? It is a very simple process. To sell your items, simply create a profile on our website, then post information about the items you are selling and upload pictures. A buyer will contact you directly and you will receive a notification when there are new messages.
You can then arrange with the buyer and meet on campus to complete the transaction.

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